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How To Create A Twitter Account In 5 Easy Steps

Do you need a Twitter account for yourself or your business? There are still lots of businesses that don’t have a Twitter account, and because they don’t they’re missing out. The good news is that it’s very easy to get an account set up and ready to go, in just a matter of minutes. Here’s how to create a Twitter account and get in on the action.

why Join Twitter?

There’s lots of different social media sites out there, so why would you choose Twitter as your go to site? There are a lot of reasons why you’ll want to get on there as a business or professional.

Let’s first start with the fact that Twitter still has 330 million monthly users, so while it is not as sexy of a platform as TikTok, it still has a large enough user base to warrant your attention.

As a social media platform, it’s able to put customers directly in touch with the brands they’re interested in. As that happens, they can ask questions of the brand directly, or talk about them while bringing the brand themselves into the conversation.

It’s also a great place to promote your brand, as it’s so easy to jump on trends and get yourself noticed. You can stay on the pulse of what your audience are looking for, and take advantage of that knowledge.

You’ll see that most major brands have Twitter accounts, and the best ones use theirs to interact with their followers. It’s something that you’ll want to have as part of a larger social media set up, so you can share anything that you want your audience to know. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you’ll want to get one set up now.

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How To Create A Twitter Account

So if you’re ready to get going with a Twitter account, you’ll need to set it up. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Sign Up With Twitter

The first thing you need to do is create an account at Twitter. Like setting up any social media page, you’ll see it’s very quick and easy to do.

Go to and click on the ‘sign up’ option on the site. You’ll see you’ll need to fill in some information, such as your name, email, and a password. The important thing to know here is that when you’re asked for your name, you’ll need to pick the name that you want to be known by on the site.

For example, if you’re setting up the Twitter account for your business, you may want to put the business name in the ‘name’ field. If you’re setting it up as a professional account for yourself, then using your own name is fine.

Once you’ve filled in all these details, you’ll be sent a code by Twitter. This is to ensure that you entered the right email address and phone number when you set the account up. Once you have it, put the code into the site and you’ll be asked to create a password. Once that’s done, the account has been set up and is ready to go.

2. Set Up Your Twitter Profile Picture And Banner

Next, you’ll want to start optimizing your Twitter account to personalize it, and make it clear who you are and what you do. The best place to start is with the images on your account. You’ll have the option to add both a profile picture and a banner image, and you’ll want to make sure that you do add them.

This is because an account that has both of these images will appear to be more reputable than one that doesn’t have them. It’ll give a much better impression of you or your business if you’re using professional, smart images.

If you’re setting the account up for your business, then you’ll already have branding in place. You can use your logo as your image, much like other big businesses do on Twitter. You will need to make sure that your image does fit the size limitations on the site. If you’re using Twitter as a single professional, then a professional looking photo of you is best.

3. Write Your Twitter Bio

Having a Twitter bio is also very important. It’s presented as an optional extra on your account, but you’ll want to ensure that you fill this in. This is because it will tell anyone who looks at your account exactly who you are, and what you do.

What should go in your bio? Essentially, it should be a quick and concise explanation of who you are, and why someone would follow you. As a company, you’ll explain what you sell, and where you’re based. As a person, you’ll explain what role you work in.

Your bio is also a good place to put an important URL. If you run an online store, then it will be where you put the link for it. If you have a LinkedIn account, that’s where you’ll put it. That makes it easier for anyone who’s interested in you to find your work.

4. Find People To Follow

In the process of setting up your Twitter account, you’ll be asked to find a minimum amount of people to follow. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are millions of people on Twitter. The key is to find people that are relevant to you or your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can pick a category at this point, and Twitter will show you users that are in that category. That includes things like Entertainment, Music, Government, Sports, and so on. Pick the category that applies to you, and pick some accounts to follow.

You can, of course, follow people that you know, too. If you have links to other professionals or businesses, search for them on Twitter, and follow them. They may follow you back too, to establish a connection between you both.

5. Link Your Twitter To Other Accounts

As you set up your new Twitter account, you’ll see that you’ll actually be able to attach it to other accounts too. This can be very helpful, especially if you’re already established elsewhere online. For example, you can connect your account to your email accounts, and other social media accounts.

That’s worth doing as once the account is connected, it’s another way that people can find you. If your contact has a Twitter account too, your account will then be recommended to you.

Common Twitter Mistakes To Avoid

Now that you have your Twitter account, you’ll be ready to start using it. Like most social media platforms though, there are some mistakes that some new, and experienced, users often make. Here’s some common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Not regularly checking your account:

Now that you have a Twitter account, you need to be sure that you’re using it. If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on online, then you’re not going to get the benefits of being on there. When you check back often, you’ll see what’s trending, new people to follow, and more.

You’ll also see if you have new notifications. That’s so important, as you never know who may have tried to get in touch with you over Twitter. If you see those comments and notifications, you can react to them in real time.

Not interacting with others:

Related to the last point, you need to be interacting with commentors on Twitter. When you talk with them, you’ll be able to answer any questions they have, or simply make a good impression on them. This is so important, especially if you’re running a business Twitter account.

If you don’t respond to messages, then you can be giving the impression that you don’t care about your customer base. Of course, that’s not the impression that you want to give off.

Not following others:

There are some Twitter users that are barely following anyone else, even though they’re actively trying to find others to follow them. The fact is, it just doesn’t work that way. If you want people to start following you, you need to be following others too.

That doesn’t mean that you have to follow anyone and everyone. Use the tips above to find people who would be interesting to follow, and follow them. Following others in your industry will go a long way.

Not remembering that Twitter is a public forum:

As with all social media sites, there are always going to be bad actors on Twitter. There are people who will misuse it, whether that’s by harassing others, or posting content that’s inflammatory.

If you are on the receiving end of this behavior, it’s very easy to react in the moment. However, you really need to take a step back and think before you do so. Twitter is a public forum, and you don’t want to find that you’ve done the wrong thing for all to see. Even if you delete your Tweet, it can be screencapped and saved, so keep that in mind.

Twitter Terms You Should Know

There’s a lot of terminology around Twitter that you’ll have heard, and if you’re new to the site it can be somewhat confusing. Here are some of the most common terms you’ll hear, and what they mean.


To Tweet, or Tweeting, is to write a post on Twitter. These posts are up to 280 characters long.


To retweet something is to share something that another person has tweeted. When you hit the ‘retweet’ button, you’ll see that it appears on your feed for your followers. You can also quote retweet a tweet, which allows you to write a comment alongside that tweet for your followers.

Twitter followers:

Speaking of followers, these are the users who follow your account. When they do this, they’ll see your posts show up in their feed.


An unfollower is someone who stops following an account.


Hashtags are very important when you’re writing tweets. They are a words or string of words that are preceded with the pound symbol (#), with no spaces in between. That allows you to identify a particular topic in your tweet. If someone searches for that word or phrase, they should then see your tweet in the search results.

Trending topic:

You’ll also see this referred to as a TT, and it’s a topic that’s getting more attention on Twitter right now. They can be generated in areas local to you, or even be global.

Twitter verified account:

A verified account is usually signified by a blue badge next to the user’s name. It shows that the account has been verified by Twitter to be the authentic person or brand that it represents. Typically, you’ll see the blue badge is given to celebrities and well known brands.

Measure Your Twitter Analytics

When using Twitter as a brand, you want to be able to see just how well your posts are doing, and how far they can reach. As such, you’ll want to be sure you’re measuring the analytics. There are several tools online that let you do just this. If you want to use something that’s cost effective, especially as a new business, then you’ll see that you can measure some analytics through Twitter itself.

It’s important you do this, as you want to see just what kind of reach you’re getting when you post on the platform. As well as this, you’ll want to ensure that you’re improving on your Twitter strategy all the time. If you can see what’s working and what isn’t, then you can make changes to improve that reach.

As such, ensure you find an analytics tool that works for you, and use it to measure your success on Twitter. There’s a good range of tools out there, so there’s bound to be something that gives you what you need.

Go and Create Your Twitter Account Now!

That’s everything that you need to know about how to create a Twitter account. You’ll be able to get set up in just a few minutes, and once you have an account you can start using it right away. It’s something that all businesses can very much benefit from.

Hero photo by Mariia Shalabaieva on Unsplash

Author Bio

Jenny Han is a writer for Boom Essays and OX Essays. She covers social media strategies for businesses.

How To Create Twitter Account FAQs

How do I start a Twitter account for the first time?

To get started, simply visit and sign up with your name, email address, and desired username. Showcase your personality by crafting creative profile descriptions or a unique profile photo. After that, you can start searching through Twitter to find topics that interest you and begin following accounts related to those topics and people who inspire you. You can even reach out to those users by liking their posts or replying to them!

Is a Twitter account free?

Creating a Twitter account is absolutely free, which makes it a convenient platform for all digital users. With one click, you can sign up for your personal account and join the millions of profiles already tweeting about life happenings, news updates, and more. Once you create your personal profile, you get the chance to join different communities or start conversations with like-minded individuals who share similar interests or beliefs.

Should I use my real name on Twitter?

Deciding to use your real name on Twitter is an important decision as it will affect how you interact and present yourself online. It can be beneficial to use your real name if you value forming connections with people who are familiar with what you do, but it could also open up privacy issues. Additionally, if you plan on tweeting about controversial topics or expressing more extreme opinions, be aware of the potential consequences of using your real name.

How can I use Twitter without an account?

If you don’t have an account of your own, it’s still possible to get all the great insights that Twitter offers. All you need to do is visit non-protected user profiles. That way, you can view their tweets without needing to be logged in or linked to any kind of account. Of course, if you want to read conversations between two different users, or join in with your own comments, accounts will be necessary.

How do I hide my real name on Twitter?

If you want to remain anonymous on Twitter, you have the option of creating an account with a fictitious name that won’t trace back to your real identity. To do this, simply choose a username that is not associated with your name or any other identifying information. Additionally, it may be a good idea to opt for an avatar image that does not include a picture of yourself. This will ensure greater privacy when using the platform and keep your identity hidden from any prying eyes.


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