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Our Story

Flamingo West Holdings is a non-profit organization affecting social change through faith and character-based mentorship. Our mission is to support youth with scholarships and enable them to identify and develop their gifts, broaden their thinking, and model ideal behavior. Flamingo West Holdings supplies food, clothing and shelter for the homeless, incarcerated and ex-offenders. 
The goal of our non-profit is to provide inclusive mentoring support to all ethnicities for men, women, boys and girls to effectively transform our communities and involve the younger generation in community service to elderly families by sharing quality time, providing light house care, shopping, fun activities, social gathering, taking them for walks and bible studies etc.) 
Taking on the challenge of bringing positivity to our local families is a task we cannot do alone; we need you sponsorship to provide us with food, reliable transportation (passenger vans), housing and a building for our program operations. 
Sharing your time and financial resources will help Flamingo West Holdings achieve our goal and expand our impact in our community. With your help, our participants can one day tell their stories with a happy ending.

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