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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Jeanette Francis

Director of Communications

An avid fisherman, Jeanette loves to fish every day after work, even on Sundays after church. One Sunday evening, she went freshwater fishing on a boat with friends. As she sat in the boat, she rested in the shade of a nearby tree limb that overshadowed the water to shield her from the bright sun. As she sat there enjoying her fishing excursion, she turned to see a snake on the limb looking directly into her eyes. She screamed, and her friends turned around with looks of horror. As they sat there trying to calm her and remove the boat from the tree limb, Jeannette started to relax from her friends' gentle assistance. That day she promised never to go fishing on a Sunday again. Shortly after this snake encounter, she was called to become a fisher of men.

Jeanette's life has been filled with opportunities that have shaped her into an advocate for many people and a strong spiritual leader. Despite earning awards, achievements, and accolades, she feels most complete when extending a hand to bring joy and happiness to God's creation.

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Being a mentor at the Lantana Correctional Institution in Lantana, FL in 1990

A participant in Via de Christo (Day of Christ) and a spiritual director inside and outside Kairos 

An FSW/Social worker teaching parent-child interactions and preventing child abuse and neglect

Serving 36 years as a Certified Nurse Assistant

Attended Essex County College studying Criminal Justice 

Full charge bookkeeper position at Terry Career Institution

Attended an Evangelical seminary and received a Bachelors Degree in Theology

Volunteer Chaplain at Broward Correctional Institution and South Bay Correctional Facility

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